The Pulse: The Buzztones

The Buzztones are not just an experienced, well-rehearsed, unique a cappella group. Sure, in 5 years they have gigged twice on the BBC’s One Show and BBC3’s Siblings, performed twice at the FA Cup Final, Big Game 7 & The Rugby World Cup at Twickenham, had 2 sell-out 5-star Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows & been named finalists of the prestigious ‘View from The Shard’ competition. And yes, through impromptu flash mob performances their harmonies have changed numerous Facebook statuses from ʻin a relationshipʼ to ʻengagedʼ.

But thereʼs something about The Buzztones thatʼs far more profound than sell-out performances & vivacious vocals; they are all great friends. Itʼs this connection between the members of the London-based group that has hooked audiences up and down the country. Itʼs what defines their sound, showmanship & insanely catchy pop mash-ups. What other group can merge ‘Eye of the Tiger’ with Beyoncéʼs ‘Bootilicious’, pull off a ballad like ‘Kiss from a Rose’ & round everything off with a Garage medley? Not to mention Celine Dion vs Eminem…

These are no Glee-inspired boppers. Theyʼre a group of 14 grown men putting their twist on all the latest tracks – no instruments, no effects. Just a team of talented friends bringing you a cappella as youʼve never, EVER heard it before.

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The Pulse: The Techtonics

While in London for the ICCA Quarterfinals, Rachael was delighted to sit down with 2016 ICCA Champions and 2020 Semifinalists (at least at the time of publication), The Techtonics, from Imperial College London. These are a fun group of guys who take their music and the passion for a good time seriously!

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The Pulse: The Conchords

Newly formed jazz group, The Conchords, had an impressive first showing at London Quarterfinals, coming in second place and moving on to semis. Rachael was thrilled to speak with this group from Guildhall School of Music and Drama before their competition back in early February.

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The Pulse: The Oxford Alternotives

Back in early February, Rachael had the pleasure of sitting down with The Oxford Alternotives from Oxford University at their London Quarterfinals.

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The Pulse: Alvarium

While in London for their ICCA Quarterfinals, Rachael sat down with Alvarium, formerly Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them, from University of Manchester!

Learn more about Alvarium here:

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The Pulse: Aca-Pocalypse

Rachael was thrilled to have the chance to sit down in person with Aca-Pocalypse from The University of Nottingham the eve of their 2020 ICCA Quarterfinals in London.

Learn more about Aca-Pocalypse here:

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