The Pulse: Venice Vocal Jam

While real travel isn’t in the cards just yet, Rachael takes a virtual trip across the Atlantic to speak with Silvia Marchesan from the Venice Vocal Jam about their first album, “Raise”, which was released in November and about how the group, who is split between the UK and Venice, Italy are managing to still produce music and videos during the pandemic!

Learn more about the group at

Listen to “Raise” in its entirety at

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The Pulse: Quayside Voices & 6 Minute Warning

What do you get when two Canadian groups join forces to record? An epic 11 part arrangement of the Leonard Cohen classic, “Hallelujah”! Rachael sits down with Quayside Voices and 6 Minute Warning to talk about this incredible first ever collaboration between the groups, and how it has inspired them to work together on more projects in the future.

Check out the video here:

Learn more about Quayside Voices here:

Learn more about 6 Minute Warning here:

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The Pulse: The ConChords

A little more than a year ago, the ConChords, originally from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in the UK, were on top of the world, having secured a win of the UK ICCA semifinals and the right to compete on the stage at finals in New York. Then the pandemic hit and things came to a bit of a halt, but the group didn’t stop! They recorded and released their rendition of Moanin’, which was in their 2020 set. Rachael sits down with Johnny and Aitzi to talk about how that all went down, where the group is now, and what’s up next!

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The Pulse: Keyframe Voices – Evolution of Disney

Keyframe Voices is the brainchild of Christopher Igoe & Graham Allen, two friends who wanted to view the magic of movies through the lens of a cappella. This prompted the duo to review the massive Disney catalogue and put together medleys of the various ages of the studio. In this episode, Rachael talks with Chris and Graham about their first two medleys – The Golden Age and The Silver Age – which feature gems from movies like Snow White, Fantasia, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp and so many more! They called on friends and singers from all over, the result of which is an amazing collaboration of talent that begs to be heard and seen!

You can watch and listen to the video for The Golden Age at

You can watch and listen to the video for The Silver Age at

And while we didn’t discuss it in this episode, the video for the third installation, The Renaissance, was just released and can be seen at

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The Pulse: Alaska Sound Celebration

Even when daylight hours are short, Alaska Sound Celebration is long on fun, talent, and drive! This chapter of Sweet Adelines International is led by director Peggy Benton. The group has a strong commitment to education and competition, participating in Region 13, and has performed on the regular at the festival associated with the Iditarod since 1991! Rachael spoke with some of the executive board to learn about this fantastic and creative group of ladies and shares their spirit and personality with you in this joyful interview.

Learn more about Alaska Sound Celebration at:

Learn more about Sweet Adelines International at:

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The Pulse: 1001 Open Mic Nights

It’s podcastception here at The Pulse! Rachael sat down with George, Rob, and Charley from 1001 Open Mic Nights, a show being produced for Fringe this year, which is ALSO a podcast! We had a great time talking about how the show was conceived, what its current state is, and what plans are for the future, in addition to talking about the podcast. Plus, get a sneak peak at the podcast episode of 1001 Open Mic Nights that features Rachael!

Learn more about the show by listening to the podcast at

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The Pulse: Blast from the Past Festival, Featuring The Real Grou

The Real Group Academy has found amazing ways of keeping connected during the pandemic. Together with John Knutson & Matt Falker, members of The Real Group alumni gathered for an event called “Blast from the Past” where they took folks on a retrospective journey through TRGs video archive. Rachael sits down with Anders Edenroth, Stephanie Lam, John, and Matt to talk about the event and what’s coming up for everyone.

Check out The Real Group at

Learn more about The Real Group Academy at

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The Pulse: A Cappella Harmony Virtual Youth Festival

Rachael sits down with Andi Giles of California, who took it upon herself to create A Cappella Harmony, a virtual youth festival that is taking place February 20 & 27th from 4-7pm PST and is for treble singers ages 25 & under. This new-to-the-scene festival is a 2 weekend workshop series and virtual choir experience, and features LoveNotes, Kim Newcomb, Deke Sharon. Learn more about the work that went into setting up this festival, the impetus for creating it, and much more!

Hear special guests LoveNotes Quartet:

Hear from Hot Pursuit, two of whom will be leading vocal warm ups on February 20th:

Listen to Kim Newcomb in her quartet The Ladies: or her quartet Half and Half:

And what festival would be complete without Deke Sharon? Listen to him chat about Pitch Perfect:

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The Pulse: VERSA

Professional UK-based a cappella group, VERSA, was founded in January 2019 by award-winning arranger Sara Leanne. The group is formed of six experienced singers displaying a variety of timbres and vocal skills, yet continually praised for their ability to perfectly fuse together to form a rich, slick and professional sound. Rachael speaks to the group about The Pretender, their collaboration with fellow post collegiate UK group, VICE, and about the group’s singing Valentines!

Buy a personalized singing Valentine here:

Listen to The Pretender here:

Learn more about VERSA here:

Learn more about VICE here:

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The Pulse: Simons Sirens Release Brookline Ave

The Sirens, a women’s centered a cappella group from Simmons University in Boston, MA, has released a new EP titled “Brookline Ave”! They sit down with Rachael to talk about the process of recording this EP and feature 3 of its songs: High Hopes, Unbreakable Smile, and American Boy.

Listen to the EP at:

Learn more about the group at:

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