Counterpoint: Episode 15 – Vocal Effects

How many ways can you effect the human voice? The possibilities are endless. Join Deke and Dietz as they talk to Blake Lewis (American Idol) Mel Daneke (Musae/Six Appeal) and Chris Harrison (Arora) about live looping, pedals, studio effects and more!

PLUS Bill Hare and Ed Boyer share some behind the scenes on songs they’ve mixed!

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Counterpoint: Episode 14 – How Low Can You Go?

How lowwwww can you go? Deke and Dietz talk to some of the best bass singers in the biz about what it means to hold down the low end. Featuring Barry Carl (Rockapella), Kaedi Dalley (Citizen Queen), and Tim Foust (Home Free)!

PLUS, Geoff Castellucci (VoicePlay) talks subharmonic singing and Elliott Robinson talk groove.

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Counterpoint: Episode 13 – Long Distance

On the season two premiere of Counterpoint, Deke and Dietz explore what it means to make music long distance. Evan Sanders and James Rose of Accent discuss how to collaborate with others from all over the world, Eric Whitacre delves into what it means to be creative during a global pandemic, and Women of the World talk to us about what it’s like to use cultural differences to create beautiful art.

PLUS, we check in with teachers from all over the US to find out their best practices for working w/ students online!

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Counterpoint: Episode 12 – Mario Jose Sends Us Out On a High Note

On the final episode of Season One, Mario Jose joins us to talk about making a career in Los Angeles, singing with Pitch Slapped on The Sing-Off and how friendship and hard work landed him gigs singing with Pentatonix, John Legend, Meghan Trainor, and more!


Segments – Tales From the Road with Christopher Diaz of The Exchange, and Sound Tutorial with Selame Scarlett of Traces.


Counterpoint – Should groups use effects live?


Original Song – “Is It Wrong?” Performed by The Funx. Written by Harry Nichols. Used with permission.








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Counterpoint: Episode 11 – Danielle Withers Sings Through the Changes

Danielle Withers of Afro Blue joins Deke and Dietz to talk about her path from The Sing-Off to performing with some of the biggest artists in the world, including The Killers, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande.

Segments: Muted trumpet sound tutorial with Deke, and arranger’s corner with Ben Bram on his arrangement of Pentatonix’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” 

Counterpoint: Should you move to a major city to start an a cappella group?

Original Song: “Uncharted Heart” performed by Forte. Written by Sophia Rosado. Used with permission.

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