Counterpoint: Episode 10 – Bill Hare Mixes it Up

A cappella veteran, and Grammy winning producer Bill Hare joins Deke and Dietz to talk about how he got his start recording a cappella, his years of collaboration with The House Jacks, and how messing around in the studio led to recorded a cappella as we know it today.

Segments: Sound Tutorial with Jo Vinson of Musae.

Counterpoint: Can long-distance groups be successful?

Original Song: “Isn’t It Good to Be in Love Every Day?” by Bassless. Written by Sašo Vrabič . Used with permission.


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Counterpoint: Episode 9 – Adam Chance Gives Us the Lowdown

Home Free baritone, and former Streetcorner Symphony bass, Adam Chance joins Deke and Dietz to share his perspective as a former aca-outsider who has gone on to sing with two of the most popular groups of all time! As with most things, it all started in choir…

Segments: Arranger’s corner with Clare Wheeler of The Swingle Singers, and Tales from the Road with VJ Rosales.

Counterpoint: Awards in a cappella.

Original Song: “Picturing You” by Streetcorner Symphony (written by Jeremy Lister)

Club for Five – “Brothers in Arms” –

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Counterpoint: Episode 8 – Kid Beyond Lays Down the Foundation

This week’s guest is the original vocal percussionist for the House Jacks, and live looper extraordinaire, Kid Beyond! Kid joins Deke and Dietz to talk about the process of developing vocal percussion as we know it today, what it was like evolving into a solo act, and what the evolution of modern a cappella has looked like to someone who was there at the beginning!

Segments: In honor of ICCA/ICHSA finals – History Minute about the ICCA MTV pilot in 2009, and a word of advice about competition from our friends at Acaville Radio. 

Counterpoint – Should groups use outside arrangers?

Original Song – I Shall Be Free by Kid Beyond. Used with permission.

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Counterpoint: Episode 7 – Kristin Denehy Stages a Revolution

Acclaimed dancer and choreographer Kristin Denehy joins Deke and Dietz to discuss her choreography work on The Sing-Off, how to pull off great looking choreo regardless of your group’s skill level, and the trends of movement and dance in current pop music. 

Additional segments include: Tales from the Road with Mario Jose, and Sound Tutorial with Kevin Olusola.

Counterpoint: The pros and cons of competitive a cappella.

Original Song: Something Good by Hannah Tobias. Used with permission.


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Counterpoint: Episode 6 – VJ Rosales Riffs on the Industry

VJ Rosales of the Filharmonic joins Deke and Dietz to talk about his experiences on The Sing-Off, backing up stars like Anna Kendrick and Usher for riff-offs with James Corden, and his plan to take over the world with original music.

Segments: Arranger’s Corner – Hot Seat Edition, and Inside the Studio with Ellie Brigida of Clear Harmonies (

Counterpoint: Should groups have a faculty director?

Original song: I Don’t Remember by NoVI. Used with permission.

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Counterpoint: Episode 5 – Ryan Parma Keeps It in Focus

This week’s guest is videographer Ryan Parma who dishes about how he got his start in the industry, his early work with Pentatonix, and the making of some of his viral videos featuring award-winning groups like Pentatonix, Forte, the Tufts Beelzebubs, and more. 

Segments: History Minute with Deke Sharon re: the Icy Hot Scandal, & Tales from the Road featuring Danielle Withers of Traces of Blue.

Original song – “Canción del Pajaro by Women of the World (written and arranged by Jacinta Clusellas). Used with permission.

The Tufts Beelzebubs – “Believer” –

Forte – “Recovery” –

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Counterpoint: Episode 4 – Lisa Forkish Fights for Inclusivity

Renowned arranger, director, and activist Lisa Forkish sits down with Deke and Dietz to talk about inclusion in the a cappella community. Lisa draws upon her experiences in Divisi (the group that inspired Pitch Perfect), her annual festival WeSing, and her passion for music to help explore the question: why aren’t there more women in a cappella?

Additional segments: Arranger’s Corner with Kevin Olusola (Pentatonix  – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen), and Sound Tutorial with Deke Sharon (Vocal flute).

Counterpoint: Should groups change their arrangements in the studio?

Original Song – “Love Warrior” by Lisa Forkish. Used with permission.

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Counterpoint: Episode 3 – 80Fitz Marches to His Own Beat

80Fitz joins Deke and Dietz to talk all things beatboxing. He shares his thoughts and criticisms of the beatboxing world, discusses finding success in the era of Internet video, and explores his journey from Andrew Fitzpatrick to the persona of 80Fitz, and what it would mean for his career to retire that persona. 

Segments: Inside the Studio with Alex Green of Plaid Productions (, and Tales from the Road with Musae.

Original Song: “Get Pumped” by Stiletta. Written by Haley Clair, Meghan “MC Beats” Costa, Jaymee Frankel, Olivia Harding, Stevi Incremona, and Judy Minkoff. Used with permission. (

Jake Moulton’s sustained crash tutorial –


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Counterpoint: Episode 2 – The Kinsey Sicks Won't Skirt the Issues

In this week’s episode, hosts Deke Sharon and Rob Dietz sit down with two of the current members of The Kinsey Sicks, “America’s Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet.” The hilarious and musically-talented Jeff Manabat and Nathan Marken, AKA the current Trixie and Winnie, talk through the group’s humble and socially-minded beginnings in 1993, and how the members of the group have remained faithful to their original authenticity and political mindset up to and through the most recent celebration of their 25th anniversary. With heart, sincerity, and pure fun, Jeff and Nathan discuss the importance of finding purpose and intention in song choice, and how the a cappella community can continue to lift up different identities and performances that might not always fit the mold. Additional segments: History Minute featuring Lisa Forkish about the group that inspired the movie Pitch Perfect, and a Sound Tutorial with Kid Beyond.

Original song: Jerry’s Song by The Kinsey Sicks (used with permission)

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Counterpoint: Episode 101 ("A Cappella for Dummies")

In this special edition of Counterpoint, Deke and Dietz take a giant step back to the dawn of a cappella music, answering questions about how the industry got its start, how it’s evolved over the years, why groups look and sound the way they do, and so much more! If you’re a newbie just getting your start in the world of vocal music, or a seasoned oldie looking to brush up on the basics, tune into this episode to get your fix!

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