Talkappella: Double Vizion

We all love when singing together feels like family. Double Vizion takes it one step further – Liz and Juan Sosa are an uncle/niece duo in Texas and they are this week’s guests on Talkappella!

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Vocal HERspective: Katy Dane

Vocal HERspective travels to Texas to sit down with Katy Dane, music educator, barbershop chorus director with A Cappella Unlimited & A Cappella Texas, and President of SING Texas. Don’t miss this interview with one of the powerhouses fueling the growth of a cappella in the Lonestar state and beyond.

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Talkappella: Michel Kennell

This week, Brian and Elicia interview Michel Kennell of Carpe Sono, talking about the crossover of classical and a cappella and expanding diversity and inclusion in vocal music. A timely and fun interview.

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Vocal HERspective: BriAnne Woodward

If you ever needed to be reminded of just how much a music teacher can change lives, look no further than BriAnne Woodward. Her well-prepared students go on to great success in both PFC & Madison Avenue. Better yet, they are sent off better prepared for a world that often doesn’t make much sense.

This interview is truly inspirational – for students, for teachers, for the future of vocal music, and, well, for everyone. Do your soul a favor and tune in.

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Talkappella: Beauties and the Beat

Their school year may have been cut short, but there’s still plenty to talk about with Beauties and the Beat A Cappella on this episode of Talkappella! Join us as we discuss the complexities and challenges of being an all-female a cappella group, as well as take a deep dive into the group’s award-winning 2020 ICCA set.

PLUS, we welcome a brand new co-host with Episode 103. Elicia Edwards of Inversion A Cappella will be sharing the mic with Brian Alexander.

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