The Pulse: Inverse Vocals

A Cappella University was an amazing coming together of great talents, including Inverse Vocals, the Michigan-based sextet! Rachael had a chance to speak with this incredible group about their time at Aca U and about their preparations for the Aca Open. Check out what they had to say!

You can learn more about the group here:

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The Pulse: Ring the Rafters

Ring The Rafters is an a cappella quartet that sings barbershop, doo woop, classic, traditional and modern songs. Originally formed on November 30, 2011, Rachael ran into this group in Doylestown, PA over the summer and was so enamored of them, she thought you all needed to become enamored too!

Learn more about Ring the Rafters at:

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The Pulse: Studio 4

Rachael sat down virtually with members of the Studio 4 Quartet to talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of barbershop harmony! Tune in to hear what this fun-loving group of guys is up to.

Learn more about Studio 4 here:

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The Pulse: Collide Vocals

Taking a break from an incredibly competitive volleyball game, Collide Vocals sat down with Rachael to talk about A Cappella University, how their group got involved, and what’s coming up next for this talented quintet!

Learn more about Collide Vocals at:

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The Pulse: Due North

Off the release of their new single, we’re featuring an interview Rachael did with Due North at the 2019 Twin Cities A Cappella Festival. Learn more about the group on their website:

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The Pulse: Note-Ably Strange

Recently, Rachael had the chance to sit down with Note-Ably Strange, an a cappella quartet based in Ohio. Learn more about them on today’s podcast!

Check out the group at

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The Pulse: Restless Vocal Band

As part of covering Bend 2018, Rachael sat down and spoke to six member, semi-pro group out of Seattle, Restless Vocal Band. Take a listen to what this group is all about! Learn more about the group here:

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