Vocal HERspective: Samantha Tramack

Barbershoppers recognize the Tramack family name – a family descended from multiple generations of chord ringers with no sign of slowing up anytime soon. Vocal HERspective speaks with Samantha Tramack from the youngest generation of stars. From begging to join the New England Voices in Harmony at age 6 to winning her first crown with Taken 4 Granite, she’s just getting started.

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Vocal HERspective: Morgan La Croix

This week on Vocal HERspective, Kris and Amanda meet with two-time Harmony Queen, Morgan La Croix. Morgan is pretty much a lifelong barbershopper, taking to the risers at a very young age. She’s shared her magic with so many different communities within Harmony, Inc and has so much more to give. You can hear her sing with her latest chorus Northern Blend Chorus or her current quartet Roulette – HI Quartet.

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Vocal HERspective: Lynn Hughes

For Kris’ first official episode, she got to invite her first guest! For episode 62, Kris and Amanda sit down with Kris’ quartet mate, Lynn Hughes. Together, they became Harmony, Incorporated Harmony Queens with Hot Topic in 2003. There’s a little bit of reminiscing, but a lot of insight onto what made that group click, what they wish could have been different, and how music continues to play a role in Lynn’s life.

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Vocal HERspective: Kristina Adams

Kristina Adams is a two-time Harmony Queen and longtime music educator. We like to call her the barbershop whisperer as what this singer does is nothing short of magic.

Kris talks about singing, teaching, and even some new way she is incorporating music into her life and career.

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Vocal HERspective: Anne Bureau

Anne Bureau is Musical Director of The Liberty Belles Chorus and North Pennsmen Barbershop Chorus, Music Judge, International Quartet Champion and true QUEEN in every sense of the word. Anne brings an exuberant energy to everything she does and her joy is nothing short of infectious.

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Vocal HERspective: Katie Taylor

This week Amanda and Rachael chat with 3 time Harmony Queen, Katie Taylor. A barberbrat turned barbershopper at the age of 12, we learned a lot from this amazing singer, teacher, and community leader. Also, find out why we brought up Hannah Juliano, The Edge Effect, Hamilton, and Shoshana Bean!

Learn more about Katie on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/katie.taylor.146612

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