The Pulse: The Smiffenpoofs

The Smiffenpoofs

The Smiffenpoofs originated in 1936 after a group of Smithies attended a Yale picnic where the Whiffenpoofs performed. The Smithies were so impressed by the Whiffs’ camaraderie and musicality that they decided to form the first women’s collegiate a cappella group in the nation, modeling it after the Whiffs and adopting a similar name in their honor. As the story goes, it was on November 23, 1936, that Smith College President William Allan Neilson gave his official approval of the group, gifting them with a leather-bound journal in which to record their history.

We were honored to sit down with the Poofs at the end of February to see what this amazing group of women are up to these days.

If you want to learn more about the group, you can do so here: